Siggi Clavien, Founder & Managing Director

Equilibrium Labs UK Ltd

Siggi Clavien is the Founder and CEO of Equilibrium Labs UK Ltd. Equilibrium Labs is a biotechnology company that’s on a mission to help boost every person’s health and mental/physical wellness in the world.

Using advanced molecular biology and a potent blend of all-natural active ingredients selected for their regenerative and detoxing qualities, the innovative series of products has been exclusively developed to promote ideal liver function and holistic health.

Siggi Clavien regularly blogs updates on the revolution in detoxification, with special regard to psychological clearness and developing balance through a “whole-isitic” method to wellness, which you can find on the Equilibrium Labs site.


De-liver-ance is an antioxidant elixir that assists with all-natural cleansing and promotes the liver’s natural processes while enhancing psychological quality. Its exclusive herbal make-up uses a powerful blend of 21st-century scientific research and the knowledge of 5,000 years of Traditional Herbal Medication.

My Mission

Siggi Clavien’s mission is to always further and improve detoxification products to meet the individual needs in the global market place.

Siggi also strongly believes in the importance of giving and supports charities in time and money for more than 20 years. He always encourages people to find a charity they care about and donate however someone can, whether that’s time or financial.