About Siggi Clavien


Siggi Clavien – My Story

Siggi Clavien is an investor, entrepreneur, and herbologist with nearly 20 years of experience in ground-up company advancement. He specialises in incubator enterprises, which he handles from initial conception with branding, product growth, and sales/marketing stages. Furthermore, he specialises in products that provide high quality, healthy detoxification to individuals from all walks of life.

Originally from Miège, Switzerland, Siggi Clavien now resides in London, UK.

On this website, Siggi will educate people on detoxing, liver health, and the body cleansing model. He also has a website dedicated to promoting charities to encourage others to make this a better world

Siggi Clavien displays strong character, a positive disposition, incredibly keen business sense, and a synergistic approach to every project. He always provides a high level of knowledge and energy with a touch of class.


Siggi Clavien started as a beverage expert in spirits and winemaking. This knowledge, paired with his enthusiasm in chemistry Siggi started creating wellness items that help promote health. In particular, liver health.

Liver health is a global concern. Worldwide, around 50 million individuals are affected by persistent liver ailment, and 415 million people have diabetes. This figure is anticipated to rise to 642 million individuals by 2040. By trying to neutralise the negative influence of food, pharmaceuticals, and the over-consumption of alcohol, Siggi visualises a globe where persistent liver illness and associated problems – such as cirrhosis, type 2 diabetes, and fatty liver disease – end up being a thing of the past.

Siggi believes the liver is crucial for the body. When we look after it, we’re additionally caring for our mental and physical selves. Scientific research shows that by sustaining and improving your liver health and wellness, you can make favorable changes to your entire state of wellness.

Projects & Businesses 

Manage hepatotoxicity


helps manage hepatotoxicity as introduced through hepatitis, or through drug therapies where hepatotoxicity is determinative of both the maximum dose and length of time of dosing.

Pain relief

de-liver-ance® CBD muscle cream

Deliverance CBD pain relief cream delivers immediate and intensive cooling, soothing relief to painful or stiff muscles and joints. It combines the known pain relieving properties of menthol, camphor and arnica oil with the patented ingredient SEANOL®-S to create a new and uniquely powerful topical pain relief cream. Both SEANOL®-S and arnica oil have health promoting properties that complement and enhance the efficacies of the other ingredients. This potent new combination of ingredients that also utilises time-release encapsulation technology creates a product that really works to provide long-lasting relief from your aches and pains.

The healing properties of Seanol-S directly mitigate the issues of compromised peripheral circulation by easing blood flow, widening or relaxing peripheral blood vessels, and improving conditions that impair healthy blood circulation. The combined synergy of these properties gives Seanol-S the potential to exert a strong positive effect on peripheral circulation. The improved condition and flow of blood reduces the stresses that impair cellular metabolism and healing processes.

By improving overall and peripheral circulation Seanol-S also enhances delivery of other healing ingredients to cells that are essential for normal healthy and healing functions of the cells being serviced. By promoting and enhancing circulation to affected areas, Seanol-S amplifies the beneficial impacts of all of Deliverance CBD pain relief cream´s healing ingredients.



SUP (SOBER UP) naturally gets rid of toxins in the body which restores balance and provides mental clarity. 


Nutra Cleanse

5-day and 10-day detoxification program to remove all toxins. Includes pre-cleanse formula, daily herbal supplements, and more.